Night Vision Security Cameras

September 12, 2023
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You might be in the market for a new camera with great night vision, or perhaps unhappy with your existing cameras night vision. Crime often happens at night, so getting a camera that gets good visuals at night is essential.

In the article, we talk about the different types of night vision, and how to determine which cameras have good night vision.


by Bryce Whitty

started ProtectFind to help people get the right security system for their goalsBryce is a registered Security Advisor who started ProtectFind to help people get the right security system for their goals.



Types of Camera Night Vision


Infrared Security Cameras

Infrared night vision creates black-and-white footage that will capture more fine details of a person or vehicle than colour night vision. Infrared security camera systems can work in complete darkness, and it does this by emitting an infrared light that is invisible to humans.

Infrared will provide the sharpest image at night but lacks colour information. Like the colour of the shirt a thief was wearing or the colour of the car they were driving.

Infrared Night Vision - Show sharper picture but no colour information

Colour Night Vision Cameras

Colour night vision will produce an image in colour, so you could see what colour clothes the person was wearing or what colour the car was. However, colour night vision tends to be blurrier than Infrared.

You can describe what a thief was wearing or what colour car they drove with the colour information. But finer features such as facial details won't be as sharp as infrared.

Colour night vision needs some light to work; it won't work in total darkness. My own security cameras have colour night vision, but my street is too dark for them to work. I had to use an additional light on a stand to create the picture below.